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No waffle or hidden fees, that's our concept of online banking. Indeed, insurance fully pay your loan in case of death.
We believe that online banking must be effective with simple products to manage. You can make all your online banking on your mobile or tablet, 7/7 wherever you are.
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Travel, or high-tech appliances, borrow up to € 75,000 over 12 months to 60 months to fund your projects. Credit WESTINVESTORSBANK -consumption! is a financing solution for every situation and your files more charges are offered. Until July 31, 2016, enjoy an exceptional offer: fixed APR from 2.49% for any project of € 5,000 to € 75,000, 12 to 24 months.
Your consumer credit fits your financial situation. prepayment break your monthly payment, debit day of travel. You pay according to your desires!

Make your consumer credit applications and new account simultaneously! If agreed and once your current account "WESTINVESTORSBANK"! open, funds are available in minimum 11 days (after the acceptance of credit supply)! toll in the euro zone of operations; Accessible anywhere, anytime; Innovative banking services.

You can now make your online credit application along with your account opening!
Conduct a consumer credit application is simple to "WESTINVESTORSBANK"!
A credit commitment and you be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit..

  • What are the documents required to obtain credit?

    When applying for credit the bank or financial institution must verify your budget and your personal situation, and eventually the reality of your project. Even through internet, you have to send certain documents with your contract. All banks does not necessarily require the same documents but there are some essential.
    It is always possible not to give the papers requested, but in this case the credit is simply refused! We must not forget that your bank has the obligation to verify that you are creditworthy and that you will therefore be able to repay a new loan. So you must be able to prove your situation and your project.
  • The essential documents

    The main documents required to obtain a loan are:
    - a two-sided photocopy of your ID to verify that you are the right person ...
    - The last 2 payslips (and your spouse if you have one) or your tax notice (if you are not employed).
    This will confirm the amount of your income
    - An EDF or Telecom receipt to verify your address
    - A statement of account information,  where samples will be taken. Some funding the bank may also ask you for supporting documents of your project:
    - An order for the car - a quote for the work  - a purchase invoice.
  • An insurance guarantee your credit

    The Borrower is an optional insurance protection solution designed for your consumer credit. Disaster, it supports * the repayment of the outstanding capital or deadlines. Because no one is immune to an unforeseen (accident, sickness, unemployment ...), this insurance protects you *, depending on your age and employment status, in the following cases: Death Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy Temporary disability Working Total Loss of job dismissal on.

    With the Borrower insurance, you protect your family! Indeed, insurance fully pay your loan in case of death. You join? Use your on your consumer credit. A health declaration is usually sufficient.

Who are we?

"WESTINVESTORSBANK" 3.6 million members and customers, nearly 9,000 employees, 3,700 directors and 110 billion euros of total assets. Its primary objective is the quality of the relationship and the service it renders to its clients. "WESTINVESTORSBANK" is a mutual bank: a bank invented by clients that develops for them and with them. A "WESTINVESTORSBANK", customers have chosen to become members, that is to say, co-owners of their local Caisse.